Meet Jesus

It hurts me when I see churches and religious people misusing the Bible to make others feel excluded, unwelcome, and unloved.

That is not God’s truth.

God’s truth, expressed from the first page of the Bible to the last, is that he loves us with an unquenchable, undying love.  He will do anything he can to show us how much he loves us and bring us back to a loving relationship with himself.  All of the Bible fits into this paradigm.  It’s easier to see in some places than others.

If you have been presented a picture of a harsh, judgmental, or unloving God, please take time to get to know the real God of the Bible.  Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9).  So take some time to get to know Jesus.

The Real Jesus

When Jesus was here on earth, he didn’t hang around only with “religious” people.  In fact, most religious people didn’t like him much.  They spent their time gossiping about him because he was partying with notorious sinners (see Mark 2:15-17, for example).

When the religious leaders challenged him, he said straight out that tax collectors and prostitutes were more likely to enter the kingdom of God because they were open to God’s voice and willing to be real about their flaws (Matthew 21:28-32).  The religious leaders were so invested in maintaining a outward veneer of holiness that they couldn’t develop a real relationship with Jesus.

And when Jesus was confronted with a woman caught in flagrante delicto — red-handed in the act of adultery — and asked to pronounce judgment on her, how did he respond (John 8:1-11)?  He did ultimately tell her to “go and sin no more,” but what he did before that is even more significant to me.

First, he got down in the dirt next to her and created a space of safety where she was protected from her accusers. He assured her that he (the one who legitimately could accuse her) did not condemn her.  He, the omnipotent, sinless God of the universe, looked into her heart and recognized not only the selfishness or lust but also the societal forces, the unmet emotional or financial needs that had driven her into that man’s bed that morning.  And he did not condemn her. Instead, with compassion he set her free from her past.

Jesus even loved and wanted to forgive the men who killed him (Luke 23:34).  As he was dying, that’s what he was thinking about.

From start to finish, the driving force of Jesus’ life was love.  Love that brought him here to live with us, love that held him to the cross to die for us, love that conquered death so we could live with him, love that will bring him back one day to rescue us from this world and the incomprehensible sadness we live in.

The Bible

To get to know more of the real Jesus, I think that the best place to start is with the writings of John, often known as The Beloved.  In his gospel, he presents the picture of the Christ who transformed him from a “Son of Thunder” to “The Beloved”: radically loving, sacrificially serving, unconditionally accepting.

Here is the real Jesus, the real passionately loving God of the Bible.  I think that once you’ve met him, your life will never be the same.  I know mine hasn’t been.

Read Online

The following links will take you to the first chapter of each book.  When you finish the chapter, click the right arrow button to go on to the next chapter until you have finished the entire book.

I have chosen YouVersion because it has no advertising – you can focus on the words of scripture.  If you find you want to make notes to yourself as you go along, you can create an account to save them. If you have a mobile device, you can also download the free YouVersion app.

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Other Writings About Jesus

Another of my favorite authors on the life of Christ is Ellen G. White.  She brings him to life in a way that shows the depth of his love and compassion and touches my heart like no other.  In addition, she helps us understand the difference between false, world-centered religion and true, Christ-centered faith.  Here are her writings on Jesus’ life.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Jesus

  1. I love this and other writings that lift up the love of Christ, especially His compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for even the worst of sinners. For example, I especially enjoyed the first weeks of Dwight Nelson’s devotional book, The Chosen. It just draws you into wanting to know more about this wonderful Person and be His friend.


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